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Studio 6


Six Self Portraits (Digital Autopsy) 2021

 40x40cm each

Oil on canvas

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-09 at 12.32.09 PM.jpeg

Avatar No. 3 2022

Game engine program, digital avatar, acrow props, PC, 2 LED screens

As Leonardo da Vinci dissected the human body and recorded his findings in his notebooks, so this series of self portraits dissect and record 3D digital scans of my own body. It is a visual autopsy of the digital being.


The distortion is structural, not imagined. How space, time, form, and consequent perception of reality, is distorted by the characteristics of the media, and the to and fro transition between analogue and digital realities, is the core focus in a series of projects of which these self portraits and the avatar are the products.


The transformations from my body, to the 3D digital scan, and into the living avatar, and then back to an analogue format (oil on canvas portraits) starts to record and examine these transitions and multiple parallel realities.


Mapping the shell

(51.5015765, -0.2210024)

11:25 to 11:34 on 21/05/2020 Living Room (Spacial Autopsy) 2022


Oil on Canvas

Invisible Materialities No. 2 (Space) 2022
Green Gaffa Tape


Using the camera on my iPhone7, I took a series of short videos, ran these through Zephyr3D modelling software and then used the Unity game engine program to reassemble my unsettled living room, as the technology perceived it at those moments in time. The process of painting the image - oil on canvas - alters the reality once again, taking digital back to analogue. It re-translates the intricate abstractions made by the computer into smudges of real pigment - the room is reconstructed once again. Actual space, my eye, the camera lens, the data created, the computer's interpretation, my digital arrangement, and then a reversion to the physical, permanent, tangible, familiar - a reinvention with a human hand, paint and canvas.

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