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Quad Gallery

Digital Participation Artist Residency & Exhibition

May 2024

Tubes (2022-) 


Air, moving air, transparent polythene tubes,

4 fans, cargo slings, teensy, software, light sensors, movement detectors,

tone generator and elements of the existing room.

Micro computers control these projects using computer programs, what you see and hear is open ended, nothing has been scripted or is in a set loop, it with keep changing endlessly. 

This work has been made in a number of different configurations, shown here at Seager Gallery in 2023 (photo above and left video below) and at the Slade Degree Show in 2022 in a lecture theatre (video on the right and photo below).

Babble Projects (2023-) 


Babbles [Seager Edition] 2023

Plastic, wires, speakers, teensy, battery, memory, Finnegan’s Wake [1939] by James Joyce, code.


Each one of these Babbles has its own voice, large excerpts of James Joyces’ Finnegan’s Wake, a speaker, and the programming to enable it to remix the text as it chooses in real time.

Babble Boxes (Lee and Moira) 2023

Plastic boxes, speakers, teensy, bluetooth, memory, batteries, LED lights, ESP32s, wires, sensors, words, code.


In 1957 Sputnik beeped, it had gone live…

In 2023 the Boxes beeped, were given a few words and started talking to each other.


Plastic, teensy, wires, amplifiers, speakers, bluetooth relays, memory, sensors, synthetic voices, lines of code, computer programs are given a vocabulary.


Skin, guts, brains, skeletons, limbs…thoughts, memory, spirit…


Is the whole greater than the sum of its parts?


These boxes/ sheets exist armed with a series of components and digital programs which give them the ability to express their existence, sense the world around them, and communicate this information to each other.


We can add elements to them as time moves on, and technology changes - the ability to sense light, noise, infrared - whatever may come to exist - things seen and unseen by human senses. In this way electric lives can continue to evolve, and examining how these beings may increasingly overlap with human life is arguably a process of exploring nature and the world we live in.

3D Scanning Projects ( Various from 2020-)

InvisibleThings July - 34_edited_edited.

Top left: 

Living Room (2020)

Oil on Canvas

150cm x 150cm

Bottom left:

White Wall Project

20 Oil on Canvas paintings

20cm x 20cm each

In this series a green X was placed on a white wall to act as a marker, allowing the photogrammetry software to track the surface around it, meshing the two together. This result is a model which interprets ephemeral shadow and light as much as the scuffs, plaster and the X, forming a homogenous mesh of green and white - this series of 20 paintings explores this resulting digital form.

Top right:

Radiator #3

Oil on Canvas

91cm x 123cm

Bottom right:

Radiator #4

Oil on Canvas

91cm x 123cm

In a series comprising of the same radiator in different states and mediums, radiators #3 and #4 are paintings of the same radiator, one as seen by eye in the actual room, the other as seen by an iPhone, 3D scanning software to create the model, and Unity Game Engine to situate it in digital space.

Sonar (2022)

Speakers, PC, Unity Game Engine, PVC Tubes, Wire, Chain, Xs

Spacial sound installation (site specific) - real space overlayed with parallel virtual space with the same dimensions and speaker coordinates.

Avatar No. 3 2022

[Part of the Self Portrait Project 2019-]

Game engine program, digital avatar, acrow props, PC, 2 LED screens, site specific 3D scans.

Below: recording from Avatar No.2 [Living Room] 

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