Jo McGarry

b. 1993

London, UK

BA(Hons), Fine Art Central Saint Martins, London 2013- 2016

MFA Fine Art Media, Slade School of Art (UCL), London 2019-

Like a brain worm, digital has become part of the human psyche.  Whether we like it or not, it affects everything - how we live, behave, see and think, access to knowledge, social interaction - the very language we use in our heads. So I’m not resisting or judging this synthesis, I’m just observing and recording our recalibrated place, on these altered terms.


My work explores these changing structures, using both the ubiquitous not-so-new-any-longer digital tools at our disposal, and also by making relationships between them and ‘old’ media - it’s not always clear whether I’m using my eyes or digital ones - or both.


By applying this approach I hope to reveal new realities, often fleeting ones, rapidly made obsolete by new generations of the technology that makes them. Unlike, say cubism or the camera obscura, they do not get centuries to bed-in, but nonetheless they are of their moment in time and have significance, because, in their way, they are new ways of seeing.