Jo McGarry

b. 1993

London, UK

BA(Hons), Fine Art Central Saint Martins, London 2013- 2016

MFA Fine Art Media, Slade School of Art (UCL), London 2019-

Defining the term ‘media’ for my work is important. The dictionary would tell you it is ‘the means of communication’ - I would like to further define it as something that stretches more completely into the human psyche and affects the way we behave, how we live, and maybe more fundamentally how we think - the very language we use in our heads. They are an extension of ourselves.


In my work I hope to explore the changing structures presented by new digital media emerging over the last 30 years, both by utilising ubiquitous ‘new’ media and tools at my disposal, but also by exploring the new relationships forming with ‘old’ media. By applying this approach I hope to uncover new realities of our contemporary world,  which are maybe all too often hidden by preconceptions and the overwhelming sea of data and content.