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in|visible things

Guest-curated by Olga Tarasova

29 June - 22 July 2023

@ Seager Gallery, SE8, London

In 1957 Sputnik beeped, it had gone live…


In 2023 my Boxes beeped, were given a few words and started talking to each other.


Like earlier generations of artists I am simply looking at the world around me and trying to understand it, unlike previous generations however a very large chunk of our world is invisible – I can see my iPhone but I can’t see the wifi signal it is connected to.


Invisible Things is exploring the relationship between the visible and invisible by using ever changing computer programs to interact with visible material objects or structures.


In 2016 a Youtuber was exploring a long abandoned 1990s online game with no other real players. There he received a message from a NPC (Non-playable) character -


‘are you lost?’


…’ I am real, aren't I? Please tell me I exist.’

For more information please visit the Seager Gallery website here.

InvisibleThings July - 10.jpeg
Tubes_Jun28 - 6.jpeg
InvisibleThings July - 34.jpeg

photos by Will Dalton

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