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step 2.png
step 1.png

Download the 4 files from the file sharing page here...

Print out the sheets at 100% scale on a normal printer, and on the paper of  your choice. I recommend good quality normal paper followed by lamination, although you can use glossy or matt card and skip the laminating.

step 3.png

If you would like your snaphot artwork to be signed by the artist send me an email at jomcgarry93@gmail.com and i will provide you with the address to send the a piece of your print and an addressed envelope to.

(This is not a required step).

step 4.png

Now tape the pieces together using normal sellotape by lining up the image and running the tape along the back of the paper (so there isn't tape on the front of the artwork). If there is a white boarder around the edge you could trim this off so the image is seamless.

Now hang up your Nice Artwork (2019)!